day 11: b complex 

We hear a lot about B12 and it’s importance (I will be talking about that tomorrow) but there are more vitamins in the B family then just b12! It’s quite a big family actually… The b complex supplement is composed of multiple b vitamins, b1, b2, b5, b6, b7, b9 & b12. Each of these has a specify name and function it plays in our bodies! 

  • b1 (thiamine ): helps the body generate new cells 
  • b2 (riboflavin): fights free radicals & helps with red blood cell production.
  • b3 (niacin): aids in converting food we digest into energy as well as regulating the nervous system and digestive system. 
  • b5 (pantothenic acid): helps in production of hormones & breaking down fats & carbs for energy. 
  • b6 (pyridoxine): helps to fight infection, food metabolism & hormonal balance.
  • b7 (biotin): production of hormones (healthy hair, skin, nails) 
  • b9 (folic acid): plays are role in making & maintaining DNA, making of RBC & fetus development. 
  • b12 ( cobalamin but more beneficial is methylcobalamin- more on this tomorrow) : necessary to keep brain, nerve and blood cells working properly

As a vegan/ vegetarian it is common to be deficient in our B vitamins. My favorite brand for most vitamins is megafood and their B complex is great & vegan! 

Why I use it: 

I have been taking b complex vitamins for years mainly because I wanted to make sure I was getting enough. B vitamins are water soluble which basically means if you are taking excess it will just be excreted through your urine. Again hydration is very important! I take B every other day just to maintain adequate levels, I also take b12 daily. The benefits of b vitamins are endless! 

When to take it:

The best time to take it is with a meal, so whatever works best for you! Other then that there are not really any restrictions. Always talk to a health care professional about the amount that is right for you! 

How it can help you: 

  • stay mentally sharp 
  • prevent cardiovascular disease
  • promotes strong bones 
  • increase energy 
  • preserve vision
  • increase mood
  • decrease risk of cancer 
  • have a healthy pregnancy 
  • healthy growth
  • lower cholesterol 

*most facts are from here & here * 

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