day 8: dong quai 

I started using dong quai about a month ago, it is major for reproductive health in both men and women. 

This is a traditional Chinese herb best known for balancing estrogen levels, treating anemia & iron deficiencies, replenishing and increasing blood volume, boosts male and female fertility, eases cramps and PMS, increases circulation, improves in detoxing and skin clarification! 
Why I take it:

It first caught my eye because it balances estrogen levels which I believe I have high levels especially at certain times in my cycle. I also had low iron and was anemic when I got blood work done about 6 months ago, I just got it done last week and everything is perfect now! I also occasionally experience PMS, cramping and hormonal acne which has gone down significantly. 

When to take it: 

You can actually take this multiple times a day or you can get it in tea form. It is best to talk to your health care provider about what would work best for you. I take 1-2 of these every other day, occasionally every day. As I mentioned before it all depends on how my body is feeling and what I’m eating. 

How it can help you:

  • balance estrogen levels 
  • increase fertility 
  • treat PMS
  • treat menstural cramps 
  • treats skin conditions (acne, eczema, rosaeca) 
  • treats alopecia 
  • increases mood 
  • can regulate menstural cycle especially after getting off the pill
  • teats iron deficiency & anemia 

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