day 3: collagen builder 

Collagen is a major protein in the body. I know many of us know about it in regards to our skin but it actually does a lot more then just keep us looking young. Collagen is a major aspect of what holds all of our muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, tendons and even our organs together! Collagen is so important! 
I only started taking this collagen builder when I went vegan although I should have started much sooner. When I made the switch to vegan I was already mostly eating vegetarian except for chicken and turkey here and there. The new change that I was going to be lacking was a lack of collagen. (As it is typically found in meats, fish & eggs) Prior to going keto I used this collagen builder that was a liquid and I really liked it, I felt like my body would sometimes crave it. But it has sugar so I made a switch. Now I take Reserveage Organics Plant Based Collagen Builder
Why I take it:

I take it because we all need it! Collagen is so important in full body health as well as preventative health. This is something that I try to make sure I take everyday because I don’t get a lot of it through diet alone. The reasons I take it are honestly endless. While taking it though make sure you are taking or eating vitamin c as it aids in the conversion! 

Information from the site:

  • Ceramosides – Proprietary plant-based lipids that help retain moisture for smooth and supple skin.
  • Amino Acid Blend – With glycine, proline and lysine, this blend helps support pro-collagen activity.
  • Vitamin C – Derived from organic Amla Gooseberry extract, this vitamin C provides antioxidant and co-nutrient support for healthy collagen production.
  • Silica – A natural bamboo extract standardized to 70% silica provides additional co-nutrients for collagen support.
  • White Tea – A natural source of polyphenols, white tea provides antioxidant protection.

Together, the natural ingredients of Collagen Builder provide synergistic support for collage production, free-radical protection and hydration, helping skin look beautiful at any age.

When to take it:

The suggested serving size is two capsules, sometimes I will take both of them in the morning or one in the morning and one later in the day. It all depends on what I’m eating and how much time I have. 

How it can help you:

  • improve skin health 
  • reduce cellulite & stretch marks
  • improve hair health 
  • strengthen teeth & nails 
  • reduce joint pain 
  • reduce negative effects of aging on joints 
  • helps gain lean muscle mass (in turn increases metabolism ) 
  • keeps your liver healthy 
  • can help with leaky gut syndrome 

      Most information was found here, check it out for more details! 

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