day 1: activated charcoal 

Activated charcoal is all the rage lately and oddly enough it is actually a medical treatment used for people who have ingested toxins (poison or drug OD) . The charcoal acts as a sort of sponge to the toxins, absorbing it through its many pores, essentially binding with the chemical making it easier for the body to excrete it. When choosing an activated charcoal to use at home, the best and purest is from coconut shells! I use this one

Why I use it:

I feel like I am constantly detoxing, it is truly crazy to think how many toxins we come in contact with every day and considering I did not always lead a healthy life style… I have some making up to do. I also brush my teeth with charcoal at least once, sometimes twice a day. I have noticed a huge difference. It changes the ph in the mouth to promote a healthier environment, brightening and whitening teeth. It also helps prevent cavities and bad breath! 

I DO NOT INGEST THIS EVERY DAY! This is serious stuff and I realized that if I don’t have anything to “detox” or didn’t each much then it upsets my stomach to take this. Please be careful with this, it can cause serious GI upset and diarrhea. On another note, I also use it if I feel like things aren’t regular and I feel constipated. But please please please make sure you drink A LOT of water. Your body cannot get rid of toxins if you don’t allow it to & water is key here! 

When to take it:

I don’t think there is a specific time of day that is best. It is recommended to be taken on its own, do not mix with any medication or other supplement. If you are ingesting it and you have never had it before just be aware that it may cause diarrhea. So what I’m saying is… don’t take it the day of an important event, a date night, or any situation where you won’t be able to get to a bathroom. As far as using it to brush my teeth I typically do it in the morning & evening and after I use the charcoal to brush I use my regular tooth paste. 

How it can help you:

  • aid in detoxing 
  • can help prevent hangovers
  • whiten your teeth (external) 
  • use as a face wash or mask
  • can alleviate gas & bloat 
  • get rid of toxins (aid in any type of detox)
  • keep your digestion regular
  • mold clensing from the body, this is major! 
  • anti aging (think about how happy your body will be without all these toxins) 
  • decreases cholesterol levels 

Side notes: it can stain counters, grout, flooring & porcelain or fake teeth so be careful! If you notice sensitivity in your teeth then stop using it and if you notice serious stomach upset then drink more water! 

Most information was found here, check it out for more details! 

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