introducing the mother of all herbs 

Hey haritaki! Although haritaki is the I am going to warn you now that 1. It is gross and 2. You should talk to a doctor or practitioner prior to taking it just to get a better idea of what will benefit you the most! So if haritaki is the mother of dragons… I mean of all herbs then why don’t you hear people talking about it more? Honestly that’s a great question… so here we go! 

Haritaki Overview: 

  • Type of tree that produces a fruit
  • Powder is made from the fruit, root & bark
  • Most commonly found & grown in India
  • Can also be found as a seed or oil
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals: vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, potassium, iron & copper 
  • Also full of plant chemicals: tannic acid, Che bulimic acid, gallic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, behenic acid

In Ayurvedic Medicine: 

  • Major detoxifying supplement 
  • Purifies & nourishes all body tissues
  • Improves & strengthens digestion 
  • Can treat all “doshas” or body types and aids in balancing the body (find out more about doshas here)
  • Enhances nervous system 
  • Helps maintain normal body temperature 
  • Strengthens the uterus 
  • Weeds out negative mental patterns 
  • Can awaken non-mechanical parts of the brain 
  • Overall mind-body rejuvenation 

So what can Haritaki do for you? 

  • Helps prevent hair loss
  • Aids in constipation
  • Can heal acne & ulcers 
  • Boosts immunity 
  • Regulates blood sugar & increase insulin sensitivity
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Great for the heart & high blood pressure
  • Aids in liver detoxing 
  • Also helps with: indigestion, sore throats, allergies, decrease cholesterol,  cavities and honestly the list goes on and on… but you get the point! 

Haritaki is one of the three herbs used in the more commonly known triphala powder. But as you see Haritaki is extremely powerful on its own. Ithas been used for centuries and is used throughout India for countless ailments. Often times it is the “go to”  herb when someone is experiencing any type of illness.  It can also be taken once or twice a year to keep immunity high. 

When I first started taking Haritaki it was during my panchakarma (an ayurvedic detoxing), during this time I got full body massages 2-3x a week (it was heavenly) and this is when I first went vegan. I was also taking a detox tea in the morning and then the Haritaki every night. After my two week detoxing was done I had to follow up with taking the Haritaki every other night.

Of course life sometimes gets in the way and being that it doesn’t taste very good I don’t always want to drink it… but I am starting up again because I know I still have detoxing to do! I take 1 tblsp of Haritaki with a sprinkle of jaggery and this is to cleanse and detox my body but also to balance all three of my doshas. I mix it into luke-warm water and when I finish it I drink a cup of hot water. 

The taste is unlike anything I could describe, pretty bitter but a little bit of a sweet aftertaste. I have to say the strangest thing about it is that when you sip it the first few times you can feel it sticking to the mucus in your mouth and you can actually feel this weird stringy stuff in your mouth/throat (gross I know). But interesting to think that is what’s going on in your digestive tract also.  After the first few sips it goes away and it’s such a relief once you get to drink the hot water and the sweet after taste comes! 

It is amazing that there are so many things created by nature to help keep us healthy! It excites me in a way that I can’t really explain. So I just want to say that when it comes to herbs, plants, adaptogens, etc I think it’s easy to forget that they have side effects. Our bodies initiate responses when we ingest these things and we have to be aware that although they are wonderful healing supplements created by nature, they are SO powerful! 

It is important to nourish our bodies especially when we are also trying to detox them. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Seriously, your body cannot get rid of toxins if you don’t allow it to! Get sleep, exercise and try to keep the stress down. As if you haven’t heard that a million times. But really, we have to treat our bodies right in every way and when we do we can not only see a difference but we can feel a difference. 

I hope you learned something new today and perhaps you have something new to teach me? I love to chat so feel free to message me on here or my instagram! 

Be well & drink your haritaki (you know I will be!) 

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